Visit Hyde Park

Vue53 is located on 53rd street in Hyde Park which offers convenient access to shopping and dining. Also, located on the University of Chicago shuttle route makes getting to campus a breeze. The possibilities are endless!


Don’t Settle For Less

How does living close to the water sound? Incredible? We thought so. Our student housing near the University of Chicago is located adjacent to retail, restaurants, the arts, and the Lakefront. 

All that time in between classes can now be spent exploring your new home, finding your favorite spots, and making lasting memories with friends along the way. 

  • Pin Hyde Park Produce Market
  • Pin Target
  • Pin CVS Pharmacy
  • Pin Whole Foods Market
Public Transportation
  • Pin CTA 6 Bus Jackson Park Express
  • Pin CTA Halsted
  • Pin Nella Pizza e Pasta
  • Pin Roti Mediterranean Bowls
  • Pin The Sit Down Cafe and Sushi Bar
  • Pin Chipotle Mexican Grill